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Uber Matos

Update: January 7, 2013: We did it! Thanks to 62 donors from 12 countries we raised over $5,000 for Uber’s kiteboarding project. A special thanks to Swell Surf Camp and Laurel Eastman Kiteboarding for matching over $1,250 in donations. Check back for updates on Uber’s progress. We’ll need money for ongoing project costs, so feel free to continue to donate!

Uber Matos is one of the most beautiful, kind-spirited people you could imagine. For those of you who know him, well, you know what we mean!

In 2007, when he was 26 years old, Uber fell while mountain biking in Puerto Plata and broke 3 vertebrae. Uber is now paralyzed, with no feeling below his mid-chest and unable to move his legs.

His part-time work as a bartender in Cabarete and income from donations cover his physical therapy sessions and provide the basics for Uber and his family.

While Uber’s primary goal is to save enough money to pursue a full recovery via stem-cell technology, a new opportunity has arisen for Uber to return to a sport he loves – kiteboarding.

Through help from our friends at the Globalkiter Foundation, and amazing donations from people like you, we have bought the last V1 “Handikite” seat, developed by French paraplegic athlete and inventor Christophe Martin.


We’re working on securing kite gear donations (kite, bar, board, wetsuit) from our industry partners, but need to raise funds for additional items.

Any amount will help to cover these costs:

– $500 USD for shipping Uber’s Handikite chair from France to Cabarete
– $2500 USD for the salary of a dedicated safety team member to supervise his training
– $100 USD for gas for the safety boat

Please donate now. Any amount helps!

You may also donate via Uber’s bank account or phone number:

Uber Matos
Banco Del Progreso
Account # D035BDPR00000000000076142021

Phone #: 809.913.0835

Uber Smile

Uber & Friends




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