About Us

1. Provide jobs
2. Empower people through education and job training
3. Reduce the environmental impact of kiteboarding by up-cycling unusable kite gear


LEK’s Haitian team member Maxon Bayard

The Kiters 4 Communities concept began in 2004 when Laurel started re-using old kites to make bags. In 2006, production moved to Dominican Republic where she began working with Soniel, a Haitian tailor.

Laurel and our tailor Soniel in Haiti for his wedding





In the spring of 2010, Laurel traveled to Cape Haitian, Haiti for Soniel’s wedding. This area, untouched by the devastating earthquake, is extremely impoverished with few employment opportunities. Laurel was deeply affected by the situation, pushing her to consider what more could be done.


Executive Director


Pete Richardson opted to develop Kiters For Communities as an alternative to joining the Peace Corps.  His financial knowledge, management savvy, impeccable integrity and real desire to give back makes him a fantastic Executive Director.




Board of Directors

Laurel Eastman is a pioneer of kiteboarding, one of the original female professional competitors.  She made Dominican Republic her home in 2003 and is passionately involved in humanitarian projects in her community.

Laurel Eastman Kiteboarding School Cabarete

Kiteboarding 4 Kids Charity Event

KB4girls – Empowering Women through Kiteboarding

Homes of Wayne – Home and Garden Tour of Wayne, Maine


Founder of Think! Social Media (www.thinksocialmedia.com), Rodney Payne brings youthful enthusiasm and expertise in Social Media to our team. Originally from Australia his innovative perspective is an invaluable addition.




Chris Raniere is an accomplished entrepreneur from San Francisco, CA. His visionary and motivational abilities are second to none. Chris is currently running two companies and advising Kiters 4 Communities.






Design Spectacle
Brittany Markle, a very talented graphic designer, created our fantastic logo

Think! Social Media
Rodney’s day job, a boutique marketing agency focused on the tourism industry

Our first corporate sponsor, manufacturer of excellent self-tanning and anti-aging products

Best Kiteboarding
One of the largest kiteboarding manufacturers in the world, Best Kiteboarding pledges any unusable left over material to be recycled into kite bags

Susi Mai
Queen of the Air, Redbull/Cabrinha International Rider, and kiteboarding’s glamour girl, Susi Mai grew up in Cabarete, Dominican Republic and is a passionate supporter of the Kiters For Communities mission and projects

The Mariposa DR Foundation
Our fiscal sponsor and Cabarete projects partner, empowering and educating young women to create community- based solutions to end poverty

Encargo PAQ
This fantastic freight forwarding company sponsors the transport of donated kites from their warehouse in Miami right to our door in Cabarete

ExpoShows Inc/David MacCormick
Our West Coast partner, passionate kiteboarder David MacCormick, collects used material for the project when he is not busy being a pyrotechnician and creating amazing firework shows.

Charles M. Schulz Museum/Karen Johnson
Expert fundraiser and director of the Charles M. Schulz Museum and Research Center in Santa Rosa, CA, Karen Johnson provides us with invaluable non-profit fund raising advise.

Sonoma Land Trust/Dr. Harry Richardson
With years of experience working in the non-profit sector, both Dr. Richardson and his talented wife Dee are excellent consultants for Kiters 4 Communities.

Laurel Eastman Kiteboarding – LEK
The first retail outlet to sell the recycled kite bags, LEK is a kiteboarding school, shop and more located in Cabarete, Dominican Republic.

Kindred Fair Trade Handcrafts
The second retail outlet to sell our recycled kite bags, Kindred Handcrafts features hundreds of handmade, fair trade gifts. Located in Santa Rosa, California.

The Potting Shed
Another great Northern Californian retailer, Kathleen and her sister visited Cabarete, discovered our bags, and now feature them in this fabulous unique gift and garden shop. Located in Marin County, Fairfax, California.


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