Haitian Building Project

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From 2010 to July 2013 Kiters 4 Communities focused on this building project. K4C money from bag sales and donations was used to build a two-story community center, school and church where families and friends can meet. The first building is complete and fully functional – the ground floor is used for meetings, church services, classes, and medical clinics. The second story hosts the K4C sewing center.

Over 150 Haitians live in the small community of Sabaneta, Dominican Republic, ten minutes outside Cabarete. Laurel’s LEK kite school, has been able to employ a few, but most are severely under-employed. The Haitians live in tiny “houses” that consist only of a bed, and maybe if they are lucky, a stove-top and desk. The community leader proposed this project to Laurel when she was visiting her worker’s homes in the spring of 2010. This building is an important part of their daily lives and community and it’s renovation has had a great impact on the community.

Building and Construction History

Construction Update – May 15, 2013
The sewing center on the second story is finished and fully operational. The school room still needs paint, windows and doors. Check out the video tour of the building with Laurel

Construction Update – January 11, 2013
The walls and roof of the second story are completed, thanks to funds received from KB4K – Kiteboarding to Help Children in Need.  Next up is finishing the walls, windows and doors.

Construction Update – May 1, 2012
The doors and windows are in! Getting ready to lay the tile and install the bathrooms fixtures.

Check our progress:

Construction Update – February 10, 2012
K4C hosted a fantastic group of volunteers who donated time and materials to paint the first floor. Up next – doors and windows…fundraising continues!

Check our progress:

Construction Update – January 4, 2012
We’ve resumed construction of the first floor! We prepped and poured the first floor ceiling. See below:

Project Update – December 6, 2011
Our fundraising push is going strong! Of the $4,400 needed to “raise the roof” we have secured $1,683, leaving $2,717 which we hope to raise over the end of year holiday in Cabarete – allowing construction to begin again in January 2012.

Construction Update – August 2, 2011
The walls are up and look great! We’ve stopped construction while we raise more money to finish the first floor. We need $4,400 to complete the roof (which will be the future second floor).

Construction Update – July 24, 2011
We just finished the septic system, foundation and slab for the first floor!

Site Visit – July 19, 2010
We went to the site last year to check out the conditions. Pretty grim.

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